Lilith 2Chapter 71
Romance Yuri

Jaehee comes across as a shy, hard-working high school teacher. But behind closed doors, she gets her kicks by kneeling at the end of a whip, with her childhood friend Huilin holding the handle. However, when Sulhwa joins the school as a student teacher, secrets and feelings long buried start to surface. Now Jaehee's about to learn just how much pleasure she can pull from pain. Back with the same writer and a new artist, “Lilith 2” follows on where “Lilith” left off. So strap in and enjoy the rest of the ride….

Tamen De GushiChapter 244.1

The funny romantic story of how Qiu Tong and Sun Jing met and fell in love. Also contains insert art of the characters by the mangaka. You also may like: + My Pleasure + It'd Be Great if You Didn't Exist + Pulse + Netsuzou Trap - NTR

On A LeashChapter 139
Action Drama Yuri

Do opposites really attract? An all-out race war among shapeshifters has begun. Fiercely loyal and brave, Red is the perfect soldier. However, she is also outspoken and stubborn, causing her to butt heads with her senior commanding officers. Between fighting battles and trying to keep out of trouble, will Red ever find peace?

What Does the Fox Say?Chapter 134
Adult Drama Mature Romance

[Mature Audiences only • New Wed] As the newest hire of a game dev studio, beautiful Sungji draws all the attention of her coworkers — but its her bossy and blunt team leader Sumin that intrigues her. Love is a whole new game for Sungji, and with company president Seju breaking (or was it laying?) down the rules, this new girl’s got her work cut out for her if she wants to win. Will she be able to give Sumin what she wants?

LilyChapter 493
Webtoons Yuri

Yilin bumps into the tomboy Rouxi, sparking an interest between each other that slowly blooms.

Bai Lijin Among MortalsChapter 192
Comedy Romance Webtoons Yuri

Bai Lijin, a fairy who was living in heaven, eating and drinking without a care, broke her Majesty’s colourful, stained-glass plate at her birthday and got banished to the mortal realm. Now she has to begin her adventures in the mortal realm with all of her spiritual powers gone! In order to survive, the former fairy has to deliver take-out....An endearingly silly fairy, a gentle restaurant manager, a reserved top student and a hard to resist two-faced girl, let the story of their beautiful friendship and youthful days begin!

LalaChapter 382
Comedy Drama Romance Webtoons

A cute, funny and sweet story between 2 girls from the same school.

My Food Seems To Be Very CuteChapter 184

A vampire who has been sleeping for nearly two hundred years, Maria (Maria), is awakened by a passing werewolf girl star by a chance coincidence, and the moment the coffin is opened, the curse falls on the star. Innocent star not only did not half afraid but felt that they found a good companion, two people set foot on the journey to the city, the story began.

Arisugawa Ren Tte Honto Wa Onna Nanda Yo NeChapter 171
Comedy Mature Romance Smut

.D-...! Don tell her. Ill do anything... The popular talent, Ren Arisugawa... is actually a girl! This situation, Ill use it to my advantage... okay?

My Princess CharmingChapter 40
Comedy Romance Yuri

Twenty-one year old Yuna is tired of having guys hit on her all the time. As popular as she is, she's been single her whole life. Just when she decides to make herself a boyfriend to fend off guys, she meets a handsome guy who looks good enough to be her boyfriend. But wait, the guy is actually a girl! In fact, rumor says that Min is a lesbian. Nonetheless, the two decide to pretend to be in a romantic relationship.

Sora & Haena !!Chapter 89.5
Comedy Drama Webtoons Yuri

Yoon Sora, the top student in Jeil Girls High School, became responsible for the future of Woo Haena. To Soras surprise, the boyfriend candidate is not a male but Haena?! A high school GL romance starts now!

She Is Still Cute TodayChapter 125

An antisocial girl who's obsessed with her studies seems to be interested in a lowlife delinquent?! She's still so cute today. A cold, high school girl who loves studying and a stupid yet sweet delinquent.

Arousing TasteChapter 53
Drama Romance Yuri


Im More Dangerous Than YouChapter 80

When Jiang Wanshu met Ren Pingsheng, what she thought was her light, became the beginning of her nightmare. As a teacher, Ren Pingsheng seems gentle and considerate on the outside, but is secretly an extremely passionate reader of Jiang Wanshu’s book. What seemed to be a “coincidental” first encounter was in truth calculated and planned. Behind the peaceful days, the crazy reader has begun her hunt…

Suimitsutou Ha  Shoujo Ni KajirareruChapter 73
Drama Ecchi Romance Webtoons

Momoka who has become an arasa with zero romance experience. Frustrated by this situation, she discovers the existence of "lesbian sex" while searching for an online encounter. Momoka decides to use it, but she is attracted to her by having sex with a lesbian sex girl "Riko" who appeared at the meeting place, but she has a secret ...?

Sora & Haena!Chapter 89.5
Comedy Romance Webtoons Yuri

Sora Yoon can hardly look a person in the eye without becoming a nervous mess. So how she ended up befriending some girls by lying about having a boyfriend is beyond her! Fortunately, she ran into the boisterous and sociable — albeit dense — Haena Woo at just the right time. Together they make a deal: Haena will help Sora land a boyfriend IF she can help her make it into college! Will they stick true to their agreement... or find they want something more?

Mage & Demon QueenChapter 331
Comedy Webtoons

In a world where Humans and Demons are in constant wars. Human adventurers seek to challenge the demon tower, home of the demons, which boast over a hundred floors, thousands of strong demons and generals. and at the top of towers lair the mightiest demon lord. All adventurers seek to take the demon lord’s head to ends the never ending war and restore peace to mandkind. However, a young mage girl wishes to take her hand and propose her.

The Love DoctorChapter 85.5
Drama Webtoons Yuri

Jung Erae has no clue about relationships and men to the point where she drives every man away. Desperate, she seeks help and ends up contacting a love doctor, Cha Yoon. Strangely enough, Erae starts developing newfound feelings for this so-called doctor.

Please Bully Me Miss Villainess!Chapter 92
Comedy Yuri

I, Yvonne, reincarnated into an otome game as the rich villainess. According to the game's plot, a character loathed by everyone such as myself has the main role of bullying the heroine, pushing her towards the various love interests' romantic routes. But it seems like there's something wrong with Elsa, the heroine! She's getting too close to me!

Show Me Your BustChapter 41
Adult Drama Romance Smut

University student Kang Ji-ho, accidentally saw Seon Woo-hui's breasts at a drinking party, and avoids her because she couldn't resist the desire to see them again."Just give it to me straight. Why are you avoiding me?"“…If I tell you straight up, won’t you get angry?”"No. If you don't tell me, I'll kill you."I-I mean...“When I look at you… I keep wanting to see your boobs…”At first, she thought it was a joke. But when she realized it wasn’t, Woo-hui decided to pull a mean prank."Shall I show you my boobs?"“…Do you want to touch it?”

Universe's Most Jealous GoddessChapter 125

ShaDiaoDan arranged the little star XiaoFengYu to accidently meet HeYunHan, an ascetic actress, and the two are in a variety show as an instructor and trainee, It seems like a good opportunity to get intimate with goddess, but how can it seem to be full of crisis everywhere?

Xian Chan NuChapter 157
Action Yuri

Her Tale of Shim ChongChapter 89
Drama Romance Webtoons Yuri

Based on a Korean folktale, two very different women find themselves making the same wish - to leave this world behind. One is Shim Chong, a young beggar living off the kindness of others to support herself and her blind father. The other is the bride-to-be of old Chancellor Jang, sold off to him for the sake of her family. When Shim Chong rescues this new bride from the river, their relationship triggers both love and hidden intentions. But will these two women be able to find their way forth in a world that favors men? (From TappyToon)

The Guy She Was Interested in Wasn't a Guy At AllChapter 94
Comedy Romance Yuri

A popular Twitter shorts series depicting the love story between a gyaru and her classmate who she mistakes as a guy outside of school, bonding over their mutual love for rock music. Aya Oosawa, a gyaru high school student, frequents a small record store and develops a crush on the clerk, who has dark hair and wears a hoodie and a face mask. There's one problem— as the title implies, the clerk is actually her nerdy female classmate Mitsuki Koga. How will Aya react when she learns her crush is not actually a boy?

Getting to Know GraceChapter 47

Andrew is the only daughter of the famous Grace family. She also has an incurable disease. Due to her family's high status in society, Andrew grew up with no friends save for her maid, Herta, whom she has become intensely infatuated with. Little does she know, her family is responsible for ruining Herta's life. Can Andrew break the hierarchy and be with her? Or will Herta end her suffering first...

Fatal PossessionChapter 41
Romance Webtoons Yuri

Shen Fan is determined to understand the inner world of the one she has secretly admired for three years. Her desperation draws her like a moth to a flame, even as she knows that her love may kill her.And what does the latter think?This girl is very interesting, I suppose I could play with her a little.

LimerenceChapter 68
Drama Ecchi Romance Webtoons

Ahryung has been talking to a guy, Byunho, for 3 months. They finally decide to meet, but she ends up meeting his twin sister Haneul dressed up as him. What is the secret they are keeping?

That Time I Was Blackmailed By the Class's Green Tea BitchChapter 37
Drama Romance Webtoons Yuri

Green Tea Bitch (n.): A woman who pretends to be pure and innocent but in fact is manipulative and calculating. After school ends, a good honor student is threatened by the class's green tea bitch. "I never thought you wide-eyed goody-two-shoes would do something like this.""If you don't want me to expose your shameful secret..."A cute romance that stems from a misunderstanding begins in That Time I Was Blackmailed By the Class's Green Tea Bitch!

Straight Girl TrapChapter 134
Drama Romance

The regular office worker Zhan Ying, who is drama-queen at heart, recently encountered a question that made her face flush, heart pound, and become embarrassed at a complete loss. That is, she suddenly wondered if her cold queen boss Zhou Yuanyou, who is always taking care of her, has feelings for her?! Is it heartfelt, or is it just a straight trap? Zhan Ying didn't even have time to really think about it when she found herself already caught in the trap...

On a Leash [Mature] (Official)Chapter 139.5
Action Adult Drama Ecchi

Red is a dog soldier who fights against the birds in the front lines to protect her country. She gets herself involved with a sly reptilian medical officer who just loves to toy with her. In a world where beings can transform from animals to humans, a red dog and a white snake collide.

Kobayashi-san chi no Maid DragonChapter 145
Comedy Drama

Kobayashi lives alone in an apartment, until one day, Tooru appeared and they ended up living together. Tooru looks down on humans as inferior and foolish. But having been saved by Kobayashi-san, she does everything she can to repay the debt and help her with various things, although not everything goes according to plan. A mythical everyday life comedy about a hard working office lady living with a dragon girl. Licensed in English by Seven Seas as "Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid."

I Love AmyChapter 56

Bibi is obsessed with Peter, the prince of the school. When she spots Amy next to him, she starts to feel jealous. She invites Amy to her house to warn her, but instead takes a liking to the girl. They agree to be friends on the condition that Amy has to help Bibi confess.

Couple of MirrorsChapter 56
Drama Romance

In the Republic of China, famous Shanghainese author Xu Youyi has everything anyone could want-- until the day an anonymous letter arrives, revealing the truth behind her perfect life. Betrayed by both her best friend and her husband, she meets Yan Wei, the outwardly cold but inwardly warm owner of a photography studio. They click instantly, both independent yet in harmony with one another. Growing closer in the turbulent dangers that surround them, the two different women soothe the scars within each other's heart. Will they be able to save each other?

Bead MasterChapter 60
Action Horror Webtoons

One day, I received a suspicious marble... and a Gumiho?!

Mom, I'm gayChapter 40
Drama Romance Shounen ai

A gay son and a lesbian daughter. Or Jin and Rin are best friends since childhood, and they each have a secret - that they are both gay. Jin lives in a familiar household, while Rin has an overprotective mother who even looks at what she reads. However life turns upside down when both of their households find our about their sexual orientation. How will they survive despite their parents knowing?

Trapping the Foxy DoctorChapter 110
Adult Mature Shounen Webtoons

Zhi Banyi has a secret. His heart only beats faster when he listens to a streamer called Dust Under the Light speak... So, Zhi Banyi decided to go see a psychiatrist. He never could have imagined that his psychiatrist would be the female streamer that made his heart beat every night!

After the Curtain CallChapter 51
Drama Romance

Soyoung is devastated when her favorite musical actor is swallowed up by the world of TV. Just after she quits supporting him, she discovers charismatic actress Jaeyi in a theater performance of "Macbeth" and becomes a fan at first sight. By meeting Jaeyi after her shows and even doing her a favor, Soyoung goes from a mere fan to her good friend. But when Jaeyi has to work with celebrity actress Hyesun, who she has a troubled past with, it unexpectedly sours their friendship. All Soyoung wanted was to support her favorite actress... so why does this new development bother her so much?

The One I Yearn ForChapter 105
Romance Webtoons

Poor girl x cold-hearted beauty.

Girl In The BirdcageChapter 49.5
Romance Yuri

Yeonkwang Arts High School makes a clear distinction between the talented and the mediocre. The talented receive full benefits of the Gifted and Talented program—funding, training, opportunities to participate in exclusive art contests—while the mediocre are left to fend for themselves in the hopes that they, too, can one day make it into the prestigious program. Talent equals power in this competitive school, but when Chung-eun, a G/T student, falls for Yumi, a non-G/T student, the tables are turned. While Chung-eun is blinded by Yumi’s charms, Yumi’s got a hidden agenda.

Yuri is My jobChapter 36.6
Comedy Yuri


The Girlfriend ProjectChapter 50
Comedy Drama Romance Webtoons

When Julia’s scholarship is cut, she’s out of options. A surprise rescue comes when her project partner Ryn offers to pay Julia to pretend to be her girlfriend for the holidays. One problem: Ryn is quite possibly the weirdest person Julia knows. On top of that, Ryn’s filthy rich family snubs black sheep like Ryn and working-class people like Julia. As Julia works to win the hearts of Ryn’s family, she realizes it could be more than her pride on the line: Her own heart may be in jeopardy, too.

Warning! Beware of the DogChapter 63
Action Webtoons Yuri


Ghosts of GreywoodsChapter 39
Drama Webtoons Yuri

Welcome to Greywoods, a beautiful mansion isolated deep in the countryside. Its main inhabitants? The Viscount Rose, his daughter Lady Eileen, the housekeeper, the butler, and... a new maid, Marie. As Lady Eileen and her newest (and only) companion begin to open up to each other, do their hearts follow close behind? Now, don’t mind any lingering ghosts still haunting the grounds, they’re not real! Nor are there any enduring secrets, deep-rooted betrayals, or an air of mystery... just trust me.

Beast of Blue Obsidian [Mature] (Official)Chapter 80
Action Adult Drama Ecchi

In the year 3574 of the Lista calendar, the world started moving toward destruction. In this already decaying world, 500 years later, the black-robed-elf Ariman Campbell takes over an Orc-female beast, Eve, by accident. Their meeting set the wheel of fate in motion, which could lead to a major storm...

YOVEChapter 61

A talented art student, a drama queen who gets a kick out of spending on what she likes, befriends an outgoing young model who lives a thrifty life. They grow to appreciate and learn from each other, progressing along the way.

Shh! Top Confidential ReportChapter 22
Adult Romance Smut Webtoons

A new employee, Ah-young, has been secretly in love with her boss, Cheon Seung-hee. Then one day, while secretly masturbating on Seunghee's desk, Ayoung discovers her secret diary and discovers the shocking truth..."What? My love, manager Cheon Seung-hee, actually scolds people with sex every night?!"

The Antagonist’s Pet ( The Pet of the Villainess )Chapter 117
Drama Webtoons

My dear villainess, do whatever you want to do. Just don’t see that son of a bitch.” Sasha, the daughter of a poor noble family, approaches noble ladies with her innocent appearance and cold wit. Hence, she got the nickname ‘The Noble’s Pet.’ Rebecca, the villainess of the original work and the Prince’s fiancee, appears in front of Sasha, who’s using her talent to live the sweet life. Knowing the end of the original, Sasha tried to stay away from Rebecca, but she cannot take her eyes off her cool and collectedness! So Sasha uses her cuteness as a deadly weapon to stand between Rebecca and the womanizer Crown Prince… and… can Sasha survive and win Rebecca’s favor? The villainess Rebecca X Healing Pet Sasha’s fantasy!Source to collect

My Dear EnemyChapter 42
Comedy Drama Romance Yuri

Their relationship was like water and fire. Everyone knew they always fought, but during their annual meeting, they both got drunk and broke the ice! These past two rivals who were up each others next started to feel a strange way towards each other…

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