Body of Crime

In the Dark,En La Oscuridad,Zai Heian Zhong,Во тьме,モノクロの平行線,在黑暗中

Authors : Jin shi si chai, Le you yinghua

Status : Ongoing

Genres : Action , Drama , Manhua , Mystery , Psychological , Shounen ai , Webtoons

Chapters: 51

Last update: 3 years ago

1,127 Follows


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After years undercover it can be hard to regain your real identity... Lanshan’s a cop who just emerged from his work infiltrating the Golden Triangle’s big boss for years. Integrating back into regular life as a cop is disorienting, and Lanshan can’t shake loose these strange memories of murder and pain. And now there’s a handsome forensic artist he’s forced to work with... just who is this guy who seems irresistibly intertwined with his life? If he can’t trust his mind, can he trust his body?