The Remarried Empress

Die neuvermählte Kaiserin,Hoàng hậu tái hôn,Jaehon Hwanghu,L'impératrice remariée,La emperatriz de volvio a casar,La emperatriz divorciada,Remarried Empress,Second marriage of the Empress,The Second Marriage,Tái hôn Hoàng hậu,Второй брак императрицы,Императрица вновь выходит замуж,Императрица снова выходит замуж,Повторное замужество императрицы,การแต่งงานครั้งใหม่ของจักรพรรดินี,再婚承認を要求します,再婚皇后,재혼 황후,재혼황후

Authors : Sumpul, Alphatart

Status : Ongoing

Genres : Drama , Fantasy , Full Color , Historical , Manhwa , Romance , Webtoons

Chapters: 179

Last update: 5 days ago

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Navier Eliie Trovi was an empress perfect in every way -- intelligent, courageous, and socially adept. She was kind to her subjects and devoted to her husband. Navier was perfectly content to live the rest of her days as the wise empress of the Eastern Empire. That is, until her husband brought home a mistress and demanded a divorce. "I accept this divorce....And I request an approval of my remarriage". In a shocking twist, Navier remarries another emperor and retains her title and childhood dream as empress. But just how did everything unfold?