Tensei Shitara Ken deshita

転生したら剣でした,转生成为魔剑,I was a Sword when I Reincarnated!

Authors : Rurro

Status : Ongoing

Genres : Action , Adventure , Fantasy , Manga , Shounen , Supernatural

Chapters: 76

Last update: 2 weeks ago

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When he realized it, the protagonist was in another world and had become a sword that was stabbed on an altar in a great plain, crowded with devil beast. The world he was in had a game like system; HP, MP, Strength, Vitality, Agility, Intelligence, Dexterity, Titles and Equipment. Following his instinct as a living sword, he traveled to find the one who could be his wielder, until he met with a cat girl that was about to be attacked by a bear type devil beast.