I Can See Your Death (Official)

너의 죽음이 보여,あなたの死が視える,看見你的死亡,ฉันเห็นความตายของนาย

Authors : Danhn

Status : Completed

Genres : Adaptation , Drama , Fantasy , Full Color , Historical , Manhwa , Mystery , Romance , Shoujo , Supernatural , Webtoons

Chapters: 59

Last update: 6 days ago

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Essie Ash can see how and when people will die. One day, she finds an injured man in her backyard and discovers that he is Prince Pell. To her shock, she notices that her parents' and other residents' death dates have moved up since Pell's arrival. Essie asks him to leave, hoping things will change, but changes her mind when Pell saves her from his brother's assassins. She soon decides to join him on his journey to the capital, but can't help but wonder why she's the cause of his future death...