Let’s Take a Bath, Duke!

Shall We Bathe, Your Grace? , Duke, Let's Take A Bath! , 공작님, 우리 목욕합시다!

Status : Ongoing

Genres : Drama , Fantasy , Manhwa , Romance

Chapters: 57

Last update: 1 week ago

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Read manhwa Let's Take a Bath, Duke! / Shall We Bathe, Your Grace? / Duke, Let's Take A Bath! / , !I wanted to find love like the female protagonists in a romance fantasy novel.But I can't stand their hygiene! I can't stand it!"Nadia.""Ah, please give me a moment.""Is something wrong? You suddenly look""Please stay away from me Ah urgh!"But what should I do?I'm just a noble lady and I was just an ordinary citizen so I wouldn't know any modern water facilities.Meanwhile in the North, where I followed my sister, I was told the Duke had gone mad."Duke Claude Cartein had become strange since being seriously injured. He took a bath every day. Has he gone mad?""Goodness! I'm only telling you to be careful since you are still unmarried. No matter how high your position is, your reputation will be damaged"That's it."Even so, the former Duke and his wife are in a hurry to marry him off"It's this person."Me! Marry me. Get married to me so you can take a bath twice every day!""What did you just say?"Love, it's finally worth looking for.