Becoming the Obsessive Male Lead’s Ex-Wife

집착 남주의 전부인이 되었습니다

Status : Ongoing

Genres : Adaptation , Drama , Fantasy , Full Color , Isekai , Josei , Manhwa , Romance , Webtoons

Chapters: 34

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I possessed the ex-wife of the obsessive male lead, a duke who was without a successor. I had just planned to quietly pass my days and smoothly get divorced… …but a problem occurred. “I already said that I didn’t need these sort of things.” My husband stared at me as he tore up our divorce papers. Raw emotions stirred from him, who always had a cold expression on his face. “For the sake of conceiving a successor, you should also start afresh quickly…” “Successor?” My husband hugged me tighter. “Are you perhaps saying that you want to try sleeping with me, just once?” “But we’re already sleeping in the same bed…” “Don’t say that.” His gaze that skimmed over my lips was strange. “Right, the two of us, we’ve never slept together before, have we?”