Cuffed! ﹛Official﹜

이구동성,The Two Voices of Homosexuality

Authors : Goowang

Status : Ongoing

Genres : Adult , Drama , Full Color , Manhwa , Mature , Romance , Smut , Yaoi

Chapters: 33

Last update: 2 days ago

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Youngsoo has a secret. He hates frogs. No wait, actually his real secret is…that he’s gay! But things are looking up because he’s finally broken free from his parents' house and gotten a place of his own. There’s just one issue. His new apartment actually came with a roommate, his childhood classmate, Eunsung! And not only did he get scammed into getting a place with an unexpected roommate, it’s the kid who gave him frog trauma in the first place! On top of all this, Eunsung’s a cop in a unit formed to crackdown on homosexuality. Plus, Youngsoo’s longtime friend, Jiho, can’t help but give Eunsung the side-eye as well… Something’s definitely gotta give and someone just might end up cuffed. It’s just a matter of whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing...