Gourmet House

맛집 ; สูตรลับร้านเด็ด ; Famous Restaurant ; Secret Recipe

Authors : Mingyu

Status : Ongoing

Genres : Action , Drama , Psychological

Chapters: 29

Last update: 4 weeks ago

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Joo In-Gong, our main character, attends his high school reunion only to be pressured by a friend into lying about his job. Despite being unemployed, In-Gong explains he's the owner of a MatJib, a term for a well-regarded local restaurant. To save face, In-Gong resolves to make this lie a reality and purchases an old, desolate restaurant. Business is struggling until one day he discovers an unknown seasoning left by the foreigner that lives above his shop, which immediately causes things to turn around. If only he had known just what that seasoning truly was---**Links:**- Alternative Official Raw - (https://series.naver.com/comic/detail.series?productNo=10038036)