Saving the Villain from the Heroine [Official]

여주에게 버려진 악당을 구하는 방법,ヒロインに捨てられた悪党を助ける方法,坏蛋们的掌上千金,反派家族的契約千金,สาวใช้อย่างข้าจะช่วยตัวร้ายเอง!,Cứu vớt nhân vật phản diện bị nữ chính ruồng bỏ,Comment sauver le méchant de l'héroïne,Rettet den Bösewicht vor der Heldin,Saving the Villain from the Female Lead


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Sielle is an ordinary handmaid working for the Grand Duke Ferzei Yekarte. The thing is... she knows he's a villain of a story she read in her previous life on Earth. With her prescience, she managed to foil an assassination attempt on her master, only to be framed for the crime! Worse yet, when she drank the poisoned wine to prove her innocence, she turns into a little girl... And now the Grand Duke wants to ship her off to a notorious family of assassins? Will she manage to survive through all this, even if she knows how it will all end?