Red Candy (Lezhin Uncensored)

Red Candy y su dulce trampa,Red Candy ปฏิบัติการชิงหัวใจ,キャンディトラップ~スパイの仕掛けた恋の罠,紅色糖果,红色糖果,레드 캔디

Authors : Hanse

Status : Completed

Genres : Action , Adult , Comedy , Drama , Manhwa , Mature , Smut , Webtoons , Yaoi

Chapters: 42

Last update: 33 minutes ago

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Kang Shi-hyeon, A.K.A Red Candy, is one of the best agents at Vulture, a private security company. When he is entrusted with the task of getting up-close and personal with Park Hajun, the son of a suspected criminal, Shi-hyeon finds himself getting more than what he had bargained for. Not one to back down, he bravely ventures into unchartered territory and ends up in more than one compromising position... Hajun on the other hand is unaware of the fact that he is a pawn in an international investigation into his father… Will he figure out his new companion is a spy undercover, or will Shi-hyeon’s mission end up being successful?