Leftover Romance (Official)

Koi no Wakiyaku,恋のワキヤク,사랑의 조연

Authors : Kouji sachiko

Status : Ongoing

Genres : Drama , Josei , Manga , Romance

Chapters: 4

Last update: 4 weeks ago

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(We pretend to be the happy "main characters.") Kina's friend group from college is made up of two girls and two guys. She had feelings for Tsukasa, one of the guys, but kept it a secret because he was dating her best friend, Rui. However, when Tsukasa and Rui announce their engagement, Kina aches with the feelings she thought she'd squashed, and she spends her days hating herself for struggling to find closure. To help plan the wedding, Kina meets up with Yutaro, Tsukasa's best friend. As the two are talking, Yutaro makes an unexpected suggestion... This is a love story that starts with a lie and sprouts bittersweetly from the leftovers.