Atavistic Super Evolution

Fan Zu Chao Jìnhua,Shalu Junhua  Fǎn Zǔ Chāo Jìnhuà, The Evolution of Massacring, 杀戮进化, 返祖超进化

Authors : Jueeeeeeeeee

Status : Ongoing

Genres : Action , Drama , Fantasy , Shounen , Supernatural

Chapters: 9

Last update: 5 days ago

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The falling of a mysterious seed plunged the entire Earth into an era where all living beings had the qualifications to compete for the top of the food chain. Commander Yue Li, the leader of a special forces team, lost the most important person in his life during the catastrophe. After battling monsters for three years, he himself became a member of the monsters due to an accident. With his dual identity, can he become the apex predator in this disaster?Fan Zu Chao Jnhua,Shalu JunhuaFn Z Cho Jnhu,The Evolution of Massacring,,