Happiness in Disguise (official)

Aristocratic Young Enemy,Haomen Xiao Yuanjia,Enemies in a Wealthy Family,Háomén Xiǎo Yuānjiā,Little Sweetheart of the Big Shot,Musuh Cantik Tuan Muda Kaya,豪門小冤家,豪门小冤家

Authors : Ake comics, ake wenhua

Status : Completed

Genres : Drama , Josei , Manhua , Psychological , Romance , Shoujo , Webtoons

Chapters: 0

Last update: 1 month ago

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Nie Xiaoxiao’s mother had passed away after saving a stranger’s life. It turned out that the stranger was Chairman Han! Nie Xiaoxiao, who became an orphan, was then adopted by the Han family. Never has she ever thought that she would be oppressed by Han Yiyang, the Han family young master on her first day home! God, why are you so unfair to me? You’ve taken my parents away, yet you still send me an enemy like him! God’s words, “This enemy might be the happiness I’ve granted you~”