SacrificedChapter 87
Drama Romance Webtoons

An illegitimate daughter of Emperor Berthold Amaryllis of Visio, Ludis has spent her entire life being mistreated and pushed into the shadows. Now, with the Visio Empire standing on the precipice of destruction under the threat of Demonspawn hordes, her father finds a new use for her in becoming the sacrifice necessary to summon an ancient god. But as the colossal golden yes seem ready to consume her, she finds herself in the embrace of a mysterious man...

The Origin of Species [Official]Chapter 80
Action Adult Drama Mature

Lee Youngjin has never been like other Omegas. Rather than being physically superior to humans like the rest of his species, Youngjin is a gifted hacker. But when his talent leads him to an ill-fated heist mission, Youngjin finds himself trapped in the clutches of a powerful Alpha businessman named Seo Seunghyun. Now, he must do anything he can to guarantee safety for himself and his colleagues - even if it means sleeping with the enemy. But as the business deal between Youngjin and Seunghyun quickly becomes more personal, will they be able to see eye to eye? Or will their differences be too much to overcome? Set in the Omegaverse.

I Dream of Health, Wealth, and a Long LifeChapter 137
Drama Romance Webtoons

Lady Adrianna isn't just a noblewoman, she's the side character in "Ramona's Tale," the favorite novel of an ill peasant girl who died tragically young. This is her second chance at life, and she's not reliving that tragedy! An evil stepmother's not gonna stop her, and Rian slowly gathers handsome companions along the way... the calculating imperial prince, the friendly count, the mysterious and brooding demon prince. After all, she is determined to live a long, healthy, and wealthy life!

SwappingChapter 98
Adult Drama Mature Romance

It began with la mort damour. When a rich old man croaks during a passionate round of bedroom escapades, Soheon is accused of being his partner. Not long after, Seoho, the CEO of the company Soheon works for, presents him with a video of the incident... and makes him an offer just can refuse.

Painful, but Desirable (Official)Chapter 73

Doyun Cha decides he isn’t looking for 'true love.' In fact, he wants a fake marriage. One fateful night, Hayeon, who's known him since their college club days, confesses to Doyun that she wants in on his passionless arrangement. The problem is... she has a long-time crush on him! Can she convince him to fall head over heels for her? Or will he catch wind of her hidden intentions?

Walk on Water [MATURE]Chapter 62
Adult Drama Romance Smut

Ed, a broke bodyguard in search of some fast cash, enters the world of porn by applying to the adult film company McQueen Entertainment under the alias 'Tommy.' He originally planned to just perform as a top. But one day when his partner couldn't make it on time for the shoot, Ed ends up playing bottom to the charismatic owner of the company himself, Glenn McQueen!

The DictatorChapter 95
Drama Romance

Fated out of necessity, he and she met. BANG! He is a desert. A vicious animal. Above all else, he is the noble but unrecognized successor to the Sultan. He has owned her for one year. And now he moves to own her for the rest of her life.

I've been Proposed to by a VillainChapter 83
Comedy Drama Romance Webtoons

I witnessed a murder scene of a villain. To make matters worse, he caught me. I think I hear the sound of death beckoning. He approaches me, his hand in his coat. I wonder what he’s reaching for. A knife? A gun? I guess it doesn’t matter. There’s only one thing I can think of now. “I’m going to die.” I wasn’t expecting what he pulled out of his coat. “Will you marry me?” “What?”

Disobey the Duke if You DareChapter 96
Drama Romance Webtoons

You must never see the duke’s face. After her second husband's death, Lily is forced into a third marriage by her father. Her new husband is rumored to be a monstrous warmonger, but to Lily's surprise, the Duke turns out to be a kind man and husband. There's just one catch... she must never see his face.

Again「Official」Chapter 78.5
Drama Mature Romance Smut

Perhaps karma does exist. Han Nokyoung, an A-list actor with a foul attitude, winds up getting his just deserts when a video of him sleeping with LK Entertainment’s CEO, Kang Junil, surfaces on the internet. To make matters worse, Nokyoung soon becomes the victim of an acid attack, ending his career entirely. With even his boss and the man he loves, Jang Hyunjae, leaving his side, Nokyoung feels there’s nothing left for him anymore and takes his own life. But instead of waking up in the afterlife, Nokyoung finds himself three years in the past! Now determined to change the future, Nokyoung turns over a new leaf and tries not to get involved with either of the men that led to his downfall. However, when it comes to Kang Junil, Nokyoung’s fate might already be sealed…

Depths of MaliceChapter 100
Drama Mature Romance Smut

After years of hardship that culminate in the form of a terminal illness, Rita is determined to do whatever it takes to survive. It might be the wrong thing to steal somebody else’s body, but she doesn’t care about what’s right or wrong anymore. Now, she’s Verta, the affluent and beautiful daughter of Count Alberhart. She’s in the prime position to enjoy a comfortable life…but the people around her seem intent on breaking her. Well, she’s happy to crush whoever gets in her way. It’s time for them to learn how deep her malice goes…

Lady DevilChapter 140
Drama Mature Romance Supernatural

The princess trapped in the tower brings in a marriage. Her husband has killed or exiled his previous wives several times. The frightened princess eventually wakes up the sarcophagus in the basement and calls out the devil.... "I don't want to marry him, Raven."

The DilettanteChapter 54
Drama Romance

Stay until you're drunk on me. One day, top counterterrorism agent Hana Lee receives news of her twin brother's passing. Unable to accept the death of her only living relative, she sets out to uncover the truth. Along the way, she gets tangled up with the mysterious Eunseong Yoo and the cold-blooded mafia boss, Giulio Parenti. 딜레탕트

The Men in My Bed [Official]Chapter 58
Adult Drama Mature Romance

To Heesoo, men are like delicious pieces of cake that satisfy her emotional hunger…which is why she’s sleeping with three of them. She neither chooses nor gives up one for the other and enjoys their company just as partners. She doesn’t want to commit to a serious relationship. But one day, her first love from high school slides back into her life. Unable to give up either romance or sex, Heesoo must now perform a delicate balancing act to keep her secrets. Will Heesoo be able to have all her cake and eat it too?

Solitary LadyChapter 125
Drama Romance Webtoons

Noblewoman Hillis Inoadenn has had many lives so far (seven, to be exact) but she has always been regarded the same in all of them: meek, submissive, and a pest. But in her eighth resurrection, she no longer bends to the nobles that encircle her, nor does she continue to live in the shadows of her wicked brother and half-sister. With a sacred power passed down from her lineage and the title of Family Head, she sets out for revenge and to change the grave destiny that awaits her.

The Duke's Cursed CharmChapter 80
Drama Romance Webtoons

Duke Carhel Luave is known as the devilish duke due to his uncontrollable magical ability to charm every single person who lays their eyes on him. But this is more of a curse than a blessing with several noble houses plotting to drive him out of power. Having no one he can genuinely like or trust, Carhel wonders if he will ever be able to feel the warmth of another human being. One day, after raiding the estate of one of his enemies, Carhel mistakenly has Lena, the house’s maid, captured in the aftermath. But when he tries to use his charming powers to give her a painless death, something unexpected happens. For some reason, Carhel’s powers have no effect on Lena!

Side Characters Deserve Love TooChapter 140
Comedy Romance Webtoons

Geumja Kim is the biggest (and only) fan of Kyle du Vilteon, a side character in the fantasy novel King Maker. Her never-ending search for Kyle content is forever changed when she dies while rereading the book… and somehow awakens in Kyle’s bedroom to a new life within the novel’s pages! She is then shocked to learn that Kyle can also hear her thoughts—luckily, only if she thinks of his name. Still, there’s no time for this fangirl to daydream because Kyle is doomed to die. Can she save the apple of her eye... and in the process, become his?

The Words In Your Snare [Mature]Chapter 82.5
Romance Smut Yaoi

A recluse by choice, young cafe owner, Lee Jooin, has fled the hustle and bustle of Seoul to live in the countryside in peace. His peculiar ability to read people’s thoughts as text left him unable to trust or face the words left behind in his broken home. But, his peaceful new life is suddenly interrupted when a sack of drugs winds up on his doorstep. With that, he finds himself tangled up with an unusual new customer, the right-hand man to the infamous Sa Gang, Mookya. Besides Mookya’s adorable quirks, there’s one thing about him that Jooin can’t ignore; the fact that he can’t see Mookya’s thoughts. After longing to find someone with whom he can have a normal relationship, Jooin follows Mookya back to Seoul. But, with an incestuous brother who's been waiting for Jooin’s return, life-threatening investigations with the police, and other mind readers to worry about, their relationship ends up being anything but normal. As both of these mysterious men become more and more infatuated with each other, their hidden pasts begin to unravel and they find their social circles overlap more than they realized. But, how long before they are torn apart by the words they never wanted the other to hear?

What It Means to Be You (Official)Chapter 153
Drama Romance Webtoons

The refined Princess Violet is set to marry Winter, a nobleman’s illegitimate (and hot-tempered) son, to clear her family’s debt. For her, it’s love at first sight, but the marriage plunges into disaster as her family’s royal status becomes null and void and she’s branded a swindler. Three years into this nightmare, the ex-princess decides to end it all… only to wake up in Winter’s body instead! Puzzled by the sudden body swap and unable to rely on others, will the two finally see eye-to-eye?

Savor the TasteChapter 59
Drama Romance Webtoons

Can a princess's food save a kingdom? Luana is reborn as an illegitimate princess inside a book. Resigned to her fate, she decides to spend her days cooking. Not long after, the cursed Duke Legion arrives and sacks the kingdom, but instead of falling for the princess, he's bewitched by Luana's food. He orders her to cook for him or die!

Am I Your Daughter?Chapter 106
Drama Romance Webtoons

Adopted by the abusive Count Zackary, Hailynn is imprisoned for over a decade but a tragedy sets her back in time and she’s now eight years old again! Eager to escape the horrors of her previous life, Hailynn runs away and crosses paths with a brave boy and the protective Duke Callisto. When a magical potion reveals she belongs to the powerful Callisto bloodline, the chaste Duke swears she can't be his! What is the secret behind Hailynn’s birth? And will she ever find a family that’ll love her?

Beta Off Not DatingChapter 50
Comedy Drama Romance Shounen ai

Juhyeok is a clueless beta who is thrust into the messy world of alpha-omega dynamics when he leaves his wholesome beta college to work at a more diverse company. There, a full-on fistfight and loud makeup knotting in the bathroom isn't "workplace violence" and "sexual harassment," but just your run-of-the-mill lovers' quarrel. Repulsed by the pheromones that trump common sense in this crazy environment, Juhyeok swears himself off dating until he saves up enough money to move to a faraway haven for betas. Unfortunately, fate seems to be working against him when he somehow attracts both the flirtatious alpha director and the cute omega junior at his company without lifting a finger. Can Juhyeok flee the clutches of the dating world with his sanity intact, or will he fall victim to the pesky palpitations of his heart?

Villain Duke's Precious OneChapter 127
Comedy Drama Webtoons

Dietrich Lagrange is destined to become the story's most evil villain, in a family where everyone cruelly vies to claim their place as its head. But somehow, Anissa is worming her way into his cold, shut-off heart. Little does he know that she's actually a reader reborn as his baby sister. No matter what happens, she plans to survive the story rather than live out her character's original deadly fate! Can she remain by Dietrich's side as he rises in power within the dangerous Lagrange family?

The Duke's Bored Daughter is My MasterChapter 69
Comedy Drama Romance Webtoons

I was an illegitimate daughter abandoned by the promiscuous emperor. From there, I ended up on the street where I learned that I had a knack for the sword. I competed in tournaments, became a mercenary, and I made a name for myself. Just when I had become the talk of the empire, the emperor wanted me back. In return, I demanded to be next in line for the throne. After years of hard work, I finally became empress and died happily. But here I am, alive again. Ugh, can’t a girl be left alone? This time, I’m going to be as lazy as I please!

Frenzy Train [Mature]Chapter 51
Adult Drama Mature Smut

[Mature Audiences Only] The Southern Line Express carries all sorts of passengers. Sovian Darnell is just the newest to join the train's economy class after he's tasked with smuggling an invaluable bead across the tundra. But nothing could have prepared him for the dark reality he's met with after he accepts a seemingly innocuous drink from another rider. Suddenly, Sovian is overcome with an insatiable lust that must be quenched, and everyone on the express wants a piece of him. With no place to hide on an unstoppable train, he'll have to service his fellow libidinous travelers until he can make it to his destination. But will his stop ever come? Sovian is in for one hell of a ride, but once you hop on this train, there's no getting off.

When the Villainess Is in LoveChapter 104
Comedy Drama Romance Webtoons


You're All Dead if You Mess With My BrotherChapter 74
Drama Romance Webtoons

I became the sixteen-year-old Rosalitte. Upon rolling off my bed, I opened my eyes to the world of ‘Asterion of the Blue Starry Night,’ a cliche BL novel packed with drama, blind passion, and angst. I found myself as none other than Rosalitte—the sixteen-year-old elder sister of the main character Asterion, who committed suicide after leading an impulsive life. Although I let the original story unfold as planned, at its finish, I found myself back in the body of sixteen-year-old Rosalitte. This time instead of sitting idly by, I tried to raise Asterion well, yet ended up dying for a second time and woke up back in repossession of Rosalitte. I tried deviating from the novel and engrossed myself with disciplining myself instead of my younger brother—but failed to escape the loop. It was the same ending when I began to learn magic, and even again when attending the magic tower’s graduation party. After reincarnating as Rosalitte Roxburgh for the sixteenth time, I’m still looking for a way to die and end this never ending cycle.

The Tyrant's Secret Secretary (Official)Chapter 100
Drama Romance Webtoons

Celestia was in love and dreaming of a brighter tomorrow until, out of the blue, her fiancé cheated on her and left her for dead. Suddenly, she was alone with nothing. Enter the Emperor, cold and aloof with unlimited power and wealth. He was alone with everything. But now these two have each other. Her cunning and courage make her invaluable to him, and yet it’s the secret they share that makes them inseparable... and a target for those who crave power. Will their relationship remain professional, or will it become something magical?

I Belong to House Castielo [Tapas version]Chapter 155
Drama Romance Webtoons

Sold off by her own mother, a young girl winds up in the house of the empire’s most feared duke, Ein Castielo. Given the name Estelle, she must come to terms with her family, demon-lineage, and new standing in high society. But what will happen to the innocent Estelle when the enemies of the duke learn of her existence? Does she really have what it takes to be a child of the great and powerful Castielos?

The Guy Inside MeChapter 63.5
Drama Romance Shounen ai Webtoons

At Linzhen High, Sheng Xu is the resident bad boy, while Zhan Shao is the by-the-book school genius. They’re polar opposites and butt heads every chance they get! But one day, their worlds get turned upside down when they mysteriously switch bodies. While navigating life trapped in an unfamiliar body and learning to work as a team to maintain their respective tough-guy image and perfect GPA, they discover hidden truths and deeper feelings for each other. But can opposites attract when the guy you like is... you?

Whispers Through the Willows (R)Chapter 64
Adult Drama Mature Romance

Sangyul's been living a lie since birth. Everyone thinks he's the feeble, omega son of Jodong Pharma's President Han, but in reality, he's as normal as possible. So what does he do when Korea's sole alpha, Prince Reok, proposes an interesting deal? Will he finally get the ordinary life he so desires?

The Return of Elena the Knight [Official]Chapter 100
Drama Romance Webtoons

Elena Blaise grew up as a count’s daughter in a royalist household backing Crown Prince Carlisle. The prince’s sudden assassination makes way for the Anti-King Paveluc, who annihilates House Blaise overnight. As the sole survivor, Elena trains as a knight to avenge her family. When she finally faces off with Paveluc, a deadly blow not only knocks her unconscious but also catapults her into the past! Elena wakes up one year before the fall of House Blaise. Determined to protect her kin, she rushes to save Crown Prince Carlisle, asking for his hand in marriage and offering her services as his knight. Bewildered as he is, Carlisle takes the bait. The future now lies in the hands of his fiancée fighting on his behalf!

Odd LoveChapter 64
Drama Mature Romance Smut

On the outside, Jung Jaehan has it all. He’s a third-generation chaebol in charge of an incredibly successful film production company. Despite all the power and money, he’s been secretly suffering from a torturous ailment. After years of drugs and alcohol abuse, he’s lost the ability to orgasm- or so he thought. When someone from his past unexpectedly shows up, Jaehan experiences pleasure that he thought he’d lost forever…

The Tyrant's TutorChapter 83
Drama Romance Webtoons

Primabelle is astonished when she wakes up to find herself in a novel of her own creation as an obscure painter who gets killed by the male protagonist, Prince Rainsis. The world she created has not been kind to Rainsis. In addition to being colorblind, he has been shunned and feared his entire life, for a prophecy had been made that “the one trapped in a black and white world shall drench the empire in blood.” Primabelle resolves to disprove the prophecy after witnessing his misery firsthand. To do so, she must track down his destined other half. The only problem? All she knows about the fair beauty is that she has black hair and crimson eyes. Will Primabelle be able to help Rainsis see the world in all its splendid colors and find true happiness?

Kill the Villainess [Official]Chapter 102
Drama Romance Supernatural Webtoons

Eris Miserian just wants to die. Being overworked and underappreciated in the real world wasn’t great, but living as the villainess in a romance novel is even worse. If Eris can die in the novel, she might be able to return to reality, but the story won’t let her. Desperate to escape a life as the protagonist’s tormentor, she sets off on a journey with the help of a witch, a knight, and a high priest. Can she find her way back to her friends and family, or is Eris doomed to a fictional future?

I'm All Out of Health!Chapter 93
Drama Romance Webtoons

Ninenya Seiah’s misfortunes began from birth, owing to her mother’s traitorous reputation and subsequent death. Ninenya was thus banished from the noble Seiah family and forcibly separated from her father, Lord Rubenio Seiah. In extremely poor health, Ninenya has mere months to live. To save his daughter, Rubenio enlists the mysterious Count Adelman as her protector. Ninenya must now work with Adelman to improve her poor health and stop her from becoming the victim of a deadly family feud.

Kiss Me, Liar 〘Official〙Chapter 48
Adult Drama Mature Romance

Yeonwoo is a perfectly competent secretary. However, he’s secretly in love with his boss, an extreme alpha named Keith, who has zero interest in male omegas. After a traumatic incident leaves Yeonwoo fearful of all alphas but Keith, he resigns to hide at home. Keith, inconvenienced by the absence of his trusty secretary, takes on the task of helping Yeonwoo recover. Will proximity and pheromones cause love to blossom in this working relationship?

The Predator's Fiancée (Official)Chapter 99
Drama Romance Webtoons

Orphaned and living in a monastery, Elisha De Lauer was content and happy. That was until the De Cartiers, known for having magical abilities, came to find her. This snake-filled family forces Elisha into a slave contract with their eyes on inheriting her many assets. After years of servitude to the De Cartiers, Elisha meets a gruesome end at the hands of her captors. That would’ve been the end of her tale, but as she closed her eyes to die, she awoke again in her own past as if nothing had ever happened. With this second chance, she vows revenge on the De Cartiers and finds the perfect accomplice in rumored maniac, Lucerne Des Kayas. Lucerne, an outcast member of the De Cartier family, has also sworn revenge on them. But, his unwavering distrust of everyone stirs him to form a contract with Elisha only under one condition. She must agree to marry him. Flung into a fake marriage, these two align to uncover the secrets of the De Cartiers and bring each member down. There’s just one secret they each can’t seem to figure out. Why does it seem like they have met before?

The Villainess Needs Her TyrantChapter 70
Drama Romance Webtoons

Orphaned at the age of seven, I was naïve to think my uncle took me in out of love. He promised to return the House of Edenbarre to me once I was of age, but he kept my father’s title and wealth. Not to mention my sweet cousin poisoned me after I learned of my uncle’s plans against the emperor. But with a second chance at life, I vow to take it all from them, as they did to me! Some may call me a villainess, but I’ll gladly use the tyrant emperor for my selfish interests. I’ll have my vengeance... as long as these suitors don’t get in my way!

They Only Remembered HerChapter 106
Action Drama Romance Webtoons

Clarence left home a peasant and returned a war hero, but she could do without the burden of all that glory. Tormented by the bitter memories of her time on the battlefield, she abandons her knighthood and sets off from the city. But despite her hopes for a quiet return home, Clarences disappearance causes quite a stir in the capital. Now she has the likes of an imperial prince, a snarky magician, a wise priest, and a loyal knight all hot on her trail. It turns out that her comrades in war possessed much fonder memories of her than she had ever imagined. As the search goes on and Clarence struggles to put the past behind her, this dame may just come to find that some memories weren meant to be forgotten.

Lessons in Seduction with a Classy DukeChapter 30
Drama Romance Smut Webtoons

Lillian didn't marry Arthur for love, but loveless unions are ubiquitous in high society. However, when Lillian is confronted with incriminating evidence that reveals her husband's twisted desires, she's forced to decide whether she really wants to leave. Little does Arthur know that his wife is more than willing to indulge his sick fantasies. And now, he's ready to make Lillian his, as long as she's prepared to submit. As the pair becomes entangled in a dangerous love affair that blurs the lines between passion and obsession, they must fend off intrusive reporters, feisty former flames, and incredibly nosy neighbors all determined to tear them apart. Just how far is Lillian willing to go to satisfy Arthur's depravity? Does she have what it takes to be the wife of the esteemed Duke Arthur Astrid?

Whispers Through the WillowsChapter 64
Drama Romance Smut Yaoi

A prince falls for a beautiful lie. Sangyul's been living a lie since birth. Everyone thinks he's the feeble, omega son of Jodong Pharma's President Han, but in reality, he's as normal as can be. So what's he to do when Korea's sole alpha, Prince Reok, proposes an interesting deal? Will he finally get the ordinary life he so desires?

Find Me in the DarkChapter 123
Drama Romance Webtoons

When a young Reya Tang thwarted a kidnapping attempt on her friend, it left her blind and shunned by her family. A chance encounter brings Zayn Luo into her life and their surprising connections (including being engaged to her horrible sister!) keep pulling them back together. She wants nothing to do with this bad boy and yet the usually cold and standoffish Zayn can’t help but be drawn to her. He’ll basically do anything, yes, ANYTHING, to stay in her life! But how can he get closer to her if he constantly keeps her in the dark?

Race to Steal the Emperor's Heart [Official]Chapter 87
Romance Webtoons

Ra Hyeon just got the exciting news that she’s passed the Bar Exam and is headed to law school. But what should’ve been one of the best days of her life turns out to be the worst as the shock causes her to have a heart attack and die. As she pleads for her life in her final moments, she is given one last chance to evade death. All she has to do is live as Daphne Kerrece, the daughter of a noble household, and win the heart of her new husband, the emperor. But with a looming deadline, a husband who’s already cast away four brides before her, and many hoping to see her fail, this won’t be as easy as it sounds. And, when all is said and done, is it even what Ra Hyeon really wants?

The Adorable Princess of DoomChapter 102
Drama Romance Webtoons

Eun Lee has had an eventful day. First, she won the lottery. Then, she was summoned to a mystical realm by the Demon King, Kaon Mahana Lord Moon Blood Rain, and was newly named Rue, princess of the demon realm. Eun demands to be returned to her original world so she can collect her winnings, but Kaon wonders if she has something to do with his late lover’s will. Eun surprises herself by adjusting to her new and unfamiliar life, but will she ever truly let go of her past and find happiness here?

Harley Takes the HouseChapter 105
Drama Romance Webtoons

Harley thought that marriage would be her ticket out of the Ernst household and away from the family’s three sons, aka her perpetual tormenters. But on the eve of her wedding, she’s transported back in time 20 years to a youth she’d hoped to forget. As long as she’s getting a second chance at childhood, Harley’s determined to stand up to her bullies. But what began as retaliation quickly turns into reconciliation as both Harley and the Ernst brothers come to understand each other’s pain.

The Villainess's MakerChapter 72
Drama Romance Webtoons

Yoon Haneul has always been a pushover, someone who would never say no. Then one day, she opens her eyes and realizes that she has become Aila Mertensia, the antagonist of a novel she had written ten years ago. Haneul is content to live the life of a rich couch potato and binge-read novels. But to her dismay, she soon finds herself stuck in a time loop where her day repeats endlessly, and the only way to escape the loop is to act like Aila Mertensia! Haneul doesn’t know the first thing about acting like a villainess. Luckily for her, a mysterious warlock by the name of Killian offers to help her become a true villainess. Her only option is to make a deal with him, but can Haneul really trust this devilishly handsome man?

I Became the Lousy Side Top「Official」Chapter 73
Comedy Drama Romance Shounen ai

Seo Jaewoo wakes up to find himself in the world of a BL novel. But he isn’t just any random person. He’s actually the lousy side top character who’s meant to torment the main bottom, Yoo Hyeonjin. What’s worse is that by the novel’s conclusion, all of Jaewoo’s despicable actions catch up to him, and he is killed by the story’s crazy main top and Hyeonjin’s love interest, Choi Mujin. In order to avoid his death, Jaewoo decides to change his original role and get on Hyeonjin’s good side. His method: lure him in with food, of course! While his tactic proves effective and he slowly befriends Hyeonjin, that doesn’t become the only major change to the plot. After an unexpected encounter with Mujin, Jaewoo’s position as the “lousy side top” gets completely flipped upside down…

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