Bad Thinking DiaryChapter 62
Adult Drama Ecchi Mature

Min-Ji and Yu-Na, who have always been together. From the age of 17 to the age of 21, they are each other’s best friends. From one day the relationship is subtly different. Min-Ji’s wild dream about Yu-Na started! Their relationship begins to change into something other than their best friendship. Unrequited love, excitement, and obsession. “‘bad ideas” growing up in their own minds. Where will their bad ideas, which began on a lush college campus, finally arrive?

Sextopwatch [Official]Chapter 90
Adult Drama Mature Romance

"Hey, loser. Did you just try to look at my panties?" An ordinary guy gains the power of the Incubus, and stops time right before getting slapped by a sexy girl...! "How dare you try to hit me? You need to be punished!!"

A Game With My BossChapter 9
Adult Drama Mature Romance

My boss, the robot. No emotions, no facial expressions, nothing. Well, that was until...

Chaotic NightsChapter 30
Adult Drama Mature Romance

“I can help you become anything you want. What is it that you desire the most?” he asked with a soft voice while sweeping the hair from her forehead. “You really thought that I’d sincerely embrace someone as lowly as you?” Embarrassed, she avoided his gaze and clenched her hands until they turned white. “Even your thoughts are silly. You are well aware of my identity…” “Yes, I know.” “Then say it. Who am I?” The hand that was playing with her hair traveled down past her chin and ended up around her throat. Testing the strength of his grip, he slowly started applying more pressure and forced her to look at him. Her breathing became painful as he lifted her up by the neck until her heels raised slightly from the floor. “I also hold your sister’s fate in the palm of my hand.” He could see it in her eyes, something inside her had broken. Her eyes, which once resembled the starry night sky, no longer held any stars. As he watched the light in her eyes fade away, he relaxed his hands. She wouldn’t try to escape him anymore. He knew this instinctively. This feeling, which was similar to being doused in warm water, is definitely what he’s been craving. It wasn’t anything like lust. Yes, it was definitely a craving. After he acknowledged his feelings, he began to desire to possess her entire world. “If I can’t have you, I’ll ruin you.”

Snapping into Love [Official]Chapter 12
Adult Comedy Drama Mature

Two childhood friends, one coin on a string and a lot of pent up wishful thinking.

Mad Dog (Side Story)Chapter 11
Adult Mature Shounen Smut


I’m The Leader Of A CultChapter 7
Action Adult Drama Mature

Lee Changjae, a high school graduate and an orphan, was offered compensation for his hard life by an entity… He spoke after hesitating, “I want an interesting life that has both wealth and women!” And so, I am now the leader of a cult.

Age of arroganceChapter 45
Drama Romance Shounen

The lord of Perbaz, who led the 28-year war to victory, ‘Asha Perbaz’. For Pervaz, who was devastated by the long war, Asha heads to the imperial family to receive the victory reward promised by the emperor. However, the only reward that came back was the <Right to choose a marriage partner>. As the best choice, Asha pointed out the ‘Duke of Carlisle Haven’, the first prince who had recently been deprived of the title of crown prince. If she was refused, she intended to receive alimony from the emperor… “Marquis Perbaz. I will accept your marriage proposal.” Contrary to expectations, the Duke of Carlisle accepted Asha’s choice. Promising tremendous support for Pervaz… !

WILD NIGHTChapter 30
Adult Ecchi Mature Romance

A high-level historical drama set in an oriental style, depicting the delicate process of Seo Jihak, a man abandoned after attachment and remorse, and Lee Eunha, a pure and affectionate lady, falling for each other. Based on the original work by Jin Soye. Eunha, in her quest to rescue her sister from the life of a kisaeng, is unexpectedly offered the role of a personal reader for a blind man. Afterward, she meets a dangerous man named Jihak, who, for some reason, wants to use Eunha. As time passes, they gradually fall for each other while hiding their true feelings…

The CarryChapter 48
Adult Comedy Mature Romance

A professional gamer, in the past, has one thing he's best at carrying people. Will his skills help him obtain something more?

Fatal Lessons in this PandemicChapter 109
Adult Mature Romance Smut

Jason, who's shy when it comes to girls, has to tutor a curious little girl. Little does he know that he'll be teaching her some other things too.

Friends to Lovers from Today (Official)Chapter 77
Adult Comedy Drama Mature

After getting dumped, KYUNG-HO drinks with his female friend to ease the pain. However, complaining about women makes SEUNG-AH angry, and she offers him a deal. "I bet I can get yours hard with my mouth!"

A Wannabe Golden GangsterChapter 40
Adult Comedy Drama Mature

"I like a man who desires my body... then just a nice guy." KWANG-MIN, a kind-hearted ideal student who loves comics, faces rejection for lacking men's appeal. Determined to transform himself, he emulates his favorite comic's protagonist, a blonde and tanned gangster. Surprisingly, this change leads to newfound power over women's desires and submission to his charm.

The Hole is Open [Official]Chapter 77
Adult Drama Mature Smut

JA-KANG inherited his grandfather’s store. In the secret room, there is a secret ‘hole’?!

Trapped in a Hentai Game Academy (Official)Chapter 97
Adult Comedy Mature Smut

He left a really negative review on a hentai game. Only to wake up as the main character! To make things worse, he will be killed the god of games unless he gets all 6 girls in the game to fall for him! "Damn it.. Fine, Ill do whatever it takes to get all the girls!"

Eat First, Mom (Official)Chapter 42
Adult Drama Mature Smut

Do-Hoon Suk was leading a normal life after overcoming his traumatic past at high school. One day, he finds out his high school bully is his boss's daughter. It's finally time for revenge. "First, I'll start by taming your mother my way."

My New Family Treats Me WellChapter 8
Adult Drama Mature Shounen

I met my new family after being rescued from an abusive family at a young age... But my mother is a charismatic actress, my older sister is a golf legend, and my younger sister is a popular idol! I'm too undeserving of my new family, but they're really nice to me. "Your mother will take care of your urges, son."

Addicted to My Mom (Official)Chapter 37
Adult Drama Mature Romance

Dangerous thirst for a beautiful STEPMOTHER. Once hooked, there's no way out. JI-WON's desire ends up pointing toward his stepmom and her friends.. "Mom.. Only for tonight.. I'll do this only for tonight"

Wreck My BiasChapter 39
Adult Comedy Drama Mature

Sungjun has a secret. Try as he might, he can only gain sexual satisfaction through a fancam of former idol Minyoung. But on a night out with friends, the unthinkable happens. After sharing his first kiss with the inexperienced and innocent Geumji, he decides it’s best to take her home. There he meets Geumji’s mother, who is the woman of his dreams…literally. After dropping Geumji off, Sungjun goes home only to have a wet dream about her mom later that night! Shocked by this new revelation, Sungjun is left with unanswered questions: Who is Geumji’s mother? Why is he able to get off to her? And how can he meet her again?! Deciding to take matters - and hopefully mothers - into his own hands, Sungjun just might get what he’s after…and more!

Stepmother's FriendsChapter 147
Adult Comedy Drama Ecchi

My mother passed away when I was young. Dad wanted to ease my pain, so he let me live a life without worry. Then suddenly one day, my father introduced me a young and beautiful woman got married because she coveted the man's property. Seeing her sincerely loving my father, I began to open my heart to her gradually, however...

Secret SiblingsChapter 40
Adult Drama Romance Smut

'Taeseong' and 'Haeun' were ordinary, no different from other siblings, even though they were not blood-mixed. One day while watching a pornographic movie, Tae-seong half-jokingly touches Ha-eun's breast... "By the way... why are you quiet?"

Playing On Hard Mode [Official]Chapter 34
Adult Drama Mature Romance

Kim Minjun, a 21-year-old hoping to break free from the forever-alone label, reluctantly joins the university film club with hopes of making friends and, ideally, a girlfriend. However, his shy demeanor makes him an easy target for teasing from his friends during club gatherings. Just as he considers quitting the club, Minjun stumbles upon an old smartphone in the storage room. "Ding! Welcome, Minjun. StudHub is an app designed to enhance your love life." As Minjun explores the app, his junior, Sua, walks into the storage room, triggering a series of tasks promising special rewards from the app. Will this mysterious app lead Minjun to true love?

The Reborn Young Lord Is An AssassinChapter 23
Action Drama

Cyan Vert, illegitimate son of the Duke and the empire's greatest assassin, is betrayed by the righteous brother whose shadow he's always lived in. But just before the fatal blow strikes his throat, Cyan awakes to find he's just a boy again. The young lord has been reborn, and this time, he's not going to live in anyone's shadow!(Source: WEBTOON)

Touch to UnlockChapter 107
Adult Drama Mature Romance

Chiho has been unlucky his whole life, but he was actually born with a rare, most auspicious destiny. It’s just that his mother, who is a shaman, decided to share his energies with seven girls in their neighborhood to help them overcome their cursed fates. But now that Chiho has become an adult, it’s time for him to retrieve his energies. And the way to do that is… through touch?! A new comic from the creators of Ms. Mystic.

Young BossChapter 113
Adult Comedy Drama Ecchi

Seung-ho is living with his slightly older girlfriend. His girlfriend is very sexy, but he’s getting tired of their frequent fights. After a long search for full time employment, Seung-ho finally gets a job and goes to work with a full-fledged dream. As he gets closer to a female co-worker, he starts to be tormented by his feelings towards the two women…..

Outsider: Ravaged by an Invisible Man (Official)Chapter 11
Adult Drama Mature Smut

JUNG-WOO HAN' got a job through special employment and is a complete 'outsider' in the office. His coworkers treated him as though they couldn't see him, but no one thought that it would actually happen. 'You are now invisible.' It is finally his time to have his revenge on all those who looked down on him.

Tensei Shitara Slime Datta KenChapter 117
Action Comedy Drama

A man is stabbed by a robber on the run after pushing his coworker and his coworkers new fiance out of the way. As he lays dying, bleeding on the ground, he hears a voice. This voice is strange and interprets his dying regret of being a virgin by gives him the [Great Sage] unique skill! Is he being made fun of !?!

Living with Busty Curvy Girls (Official)Chapter 37
Adult Mature Romance Smut

JUN-SUK is an average office worker who has to live with two, beautiful and big-busted girls! "Um.. But I live in a studio apartment.." GA-HYE and NA-YU have very different but equally attractive characteristics. JUN-SUK's steamy life is just about to begin!

Brother From Another [Official]Chapter 22
Adult Mature Romance Smut

Lim Shinyoon has been living a lie. A strange man is at the family dinner and reveals that Shinyoon is not actually a “Lim” but a “Nam.” This, of course, means that he is not blood-related to any of his sisters…and this man also confesses that he is actually his real father?! And with a dying wish to have Shinyoon give him a grandchild before he leaves this earth?! Well, there are four highly suitable options sitting right there next to Shinyoon... No, these are his sisters! But well, now that he’s a brother from another…everything could change!

Boarding DiaryChapter 130.5
Adult Comedy Drama Romance

Jun-woo, a freshman, is lodging at a friend’s house near the school. While being cared for by Mikyung, the mistress of the boarding house, he sees her watching a secret video in her room… “Auntie… I’ve seen it wrong, right?”

Rubbing It In (Official)Chapter 38
Adult Drama Mature Smut

In a pristine and upscale new city, which is home to many corporate elites, a mysterious massage shop opens. What sets it apart? Its owner, the sole masseur, who possesses a strikingly handsome figure and a perfectly sculpted physique. Yoona, one among countless lonely married individuals, wrestles with unfulfilled desires brought on by her workaholic husband’s performance issues. When tales of this alluring new salon reach her ears, Yoona decides to pay a visit in search of the solace she craves...

How to Conquer Women with HypnosisChapter 6
Adult Drama Mature Shounen

After obtaining an candle with the power of hypnosis, Sunwoo hypnotizes Soo-ah, who raised him and is like his mother. Sunwoo, who had a crush on Soo-ah, inches his hands towards her privates…

Kindergarten Driver's Dirty Secrets (Official)Chapter 32
Adult Mature Smut Webtoons

WOO-JIN is the only man working in the kindergarten. While working as a driver, he learns about the special power of the mysterious app. "I can control both teachers and parents with this? Things are going to get fun around here.

Alice's Adult StorytimeChapter 11
Adult Comedy Mature Romance

Goooood morning, and welcome to another episode of Alice’s Adult Storytime - the only radio show guaranteed to make your cheeks warm and your panties— [BEEEEP]. Ahem, as I was saying… Alice’s Adult Storytime is the only show on air with breathtakingly racy tales sent in by listeners, for listeners. Every story is sure to seduce, so why not tune in and a little spice to your life…?

Office Romance is a No-No [Official]Chapter 9
Adult Drama Mature Romance

Jace had no interest in dating until his casual sex partner suddenly becomes his colleague.

Academy’s Genius SwordmasterChapter 49
Action Romance

Ronan lived a wasteful life filled with regrets. A second chance befalls him at the end of his futile life. He went back to the time when he was a ten-year-old child! For the people who sacrificed themselves for him, he becomes determined to live a new life.

"Ato 3-kai wa Ikeru yo ne?" Otto no Kitaku Mae, Zetsurin Gitei ni Nando mo Hametaosareru TsumaChapter 108
Adult Drama Romance Smut

"He didn't touch me again today." Nanami, a full-time housewife, is frustrated. Her husband, Manabu, is a busy doctor, and he always comes home late. He never eats her cooking nor have sex with her. She's spent her days losing confidence as a woman. One day, when Nanami goes out to buy her husband's birthday cake, she happens to meet her husband's younger brother, Nozomu. Nanami invites him to come over because he's her relative. Nozomu accepts the invitation. The two of them wait for Nanami's husband to return, but he doesn't seem to come back... Nozomu pretends to be drunk and touches Nanami. The pleasure attacks Nanami's frustrated body. They can't stop this relationship now that it's been switched once..

Welcome to Erotic Land (Official)Chapter 33
Adult Drama Mature Smut

WU-GUN has always been fascinated with amusement parks, but his work is miserable, getting looked down on by his childhood friend, CHO-YI, every day. However, his life changes when he gets his hands on a magical tarot card that gives him the power to control any girl he wants

No Man's LandChapter 63
Adult Comedy Mature Smut

It was on a fateful day when ordinary guy, Lee Seon-woong, found himself transported to a mysterious new world. Initially excited to make his fantasy adventure debut, his hopes are quickly dashed when he discovers he was granted no special powers or blessings. Although Seon-woong is devastated by the news that he’ll have to navigate this no man’s land without any cheat codes, he soon realizes the term “no man’s land” means something more literal around these parts, and he has something special attached to him that no other inhabitant does...

,You can cum three more times, right?' - A Wife Is Made to Cum by her Peerless brother-In-Law before her husband arrivesChapter 108
Adult Drama Romance Smut

"He didn't touch me again today." Nanami, a full-time housewife, is frustrated. Her husband, Manabu, is a busy doctor, and he always comes home late. He never eats her cooking nor have sex with her. She's spent her days losing confidence as a woman. One day, when Nanami goes out to buy her husband's birthday cake, she happens to meet her husband's younger brother, Nozomu. Nanami invites him to come over because he's her relative. Nozomu accepts the invitation. The two of them wait for Nanami's husband to return, but he doesn't seem to come back... Nozomu pretends to be drunk and touches Nanami. The pleasure attacks Nanami's frustrated body. They can't stop this relationship now that it's been switched once..

A Second Chance (Official)Chapter 69
Adult Drama Mature Romance

In-Chul miraculously gets a second chance with his long-time crush when he goes back in time. However his efforts to get close to his crush bring unexpected consequences: The women at his office started to take an interest in him. "Don't keep me waiting... Or do you want me to do it for you?"

The Bully In-ChargeChapter 100
Action Drama Webtoons


Dominating a Girl That You HateChapter 26
Adult Drama Mature Romance

I was a promising pitcher but because of HA-EUN, I injured my shoulder and couldn't play anymore. Now I am living because I'm so afraid to die. One day, seeing HA-EUN makes the fire of revenge light in my heart. "I'Il dominate you, HA-EUN!"

The Carry [Official]Chapter 62
Adult Comedy Mature Romance

A professional gamer, in the past, has one thing he's best at carrying people. Will his skills help him obtain something more?

Hometown Hotties [Official Uncensored]Chapter 25
Adult Mature Romance Smut

The thing about growing up in the countryside is you see the same sights day-in, day-out, and for Jinwoo, that means being teased mercilessly by the same local girls. He has a slight reprieve when his family move to Seoul, but when Jinwoo drops out of university, he decides to head back home to help with the family business. The problem is, the position he was promised doesn’t exist, and he instead finds himself the live-in housekeeper of his grandpa’s latest venture - a local share house. To top it all off, Jinwoo finds his hometown, and specifically his new home, is now full of bonafide hotties! With this many young people under one roof, it surely won’t be long before emotions start running high and clothes start coming off...

Boobie Trap (Official)Chapter 65
Adult Drama Mature Smut

"I've always had feelings for you. Let's do it." Growing up, HYUN-WOO has always been confident and popular. But his job has not been easy. One day, he gets accused of an office scandal. Now, he's ready to fight back and show them what he's made of.

SizzleChapter 19
Adult Comedy Mature Smut

NBM Publishing put out at least 73 issues of a quarterly porn comics anthology and this torrent is 33 of those. It's a bit of a shame that it's less than half the collection because this is a "stable of artists" type of magazine where most of them are recurring (or rotating in and out) across the run, and they're free to extend continuing stories as long as it takes to tell them. This is porn though, so the tales are more top-heavy than plot-heavy. The artists are a mix of American and European, and all of them seem excellent. It's great mix of cartoony, realistic (sometimes photo-realistic), genre pastiche and real-life sexual situations. I'm also seeing that NBM put out some of the completed works in graphic albums, so if you get caught up in one of the sagas, you can always look for those. Gay material is (obviously) girl on girl. Of special note is one appearance by Milo Manara, a couple of stories by Brandon Graham and the serialization of the last volume of Omaha: The Cat Dancer twenty years after Kate Worley died of cancer (again though, it's not the entirety of that story - for that you'll have to download the complete volume). Anyway, lots of undressing, licking, inserting and gooey fluids.

SexerciseChapter 82
Comedy Drama Romance Smut

Bae Woong was once a strong and fit athlete – at least in his mind. Eager to get back to his old physique, he goes looking for a gym in the neighborhood. He stumbles upon one that seems oddly expensive and discrete. He isn’t even allowed to hear about the specific workouts they provide until after he signs a nondisclosure agreement. He finds it strange, but the women working there are very attractive and Woong has nothing to lose. After signing the agreement, he learns the secret to their bodies: sex.

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